Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SHOOFtv's hunt for talent continues!

A second hunt for talent was conducted today between 9am - 12pm by another team of SHOOF Troopers, who constituted the second of only two teams from Manipal University, Dubai Campus, still in the race to the top. For as other teams from the University gradually dropped out for reasons of their own, these two teams have still persevered to stay in the game. That said, their initiative for this talent hunt comes only a day after Team 1 saw their own hunt for a star draw to a close.

Contrary to the American Idol approach adopted by their competing counterparts, this team instead decided to set their participants with 60 seconds - during which time they were expected to showcase their respective talents. And as far as statistics go, the students rose very well to the challenge, with a total of 15 students enrolling themselves for the talent hunt.

A noteworthy observation is that this second team's attempt seems to have drawn in quite a varied talent bag of sorts. Besides the typical stream of singing and dancing hopefuls one is accustomed to seeing on such ocassions, there were others who truly made the show a lot more lively. While one student brought back memories of school days with her excellent administration of an elocution piece, another wowed the audience with a juggling and acrobatic act and at the same time, proved her flexibility through body contortions of weird degrees. Not to be outdone, a 1st year went on to impress all present with his impersonation of the late Steve Irwin and received rave reviews for the same. The range of demonstrations sure made for quite an interesting afternoon.

Having almost reached the end of this competitive journey, the team consisting of Nikita Kandath, Natasha Raphael, Aarti Saundalkar, Nandini Jose and Pooja Udaikumar, agree on one thing - they learnt a lot on the way together. "We learnt a lot in terms of editing and operating different softwares that we didn't even bother to explore before. This was our very first time and we didn't even have a professor teach or guide us along the way. And then of course, two of the most important things we learnt were responsibility and organization!" says 2nd year Media student Nikita Kandath of the experience, in a tone that suggested these were lessons they weren't about to forget anytime soon.

With the awards ceremony fast-approaching and due to be held on the 29th of this month, both teams are almost done battling each other for the top spot. Time will tell and of course, you can pick up all the scoop right here.
May the best Trooper win!

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