Thursday, April 24, 2008

E-Government Workshop Sets the Finale for Technologic '08

Day 3 - Glimpses of 'Workshop on e-Government' held by Dr. Usman Zafar. (Photographs by Kulsoom Ali)

Organized by the Department of Information Technology, workshop on e-Government (A GCC Scenario) was conducted by Dr. Usman Zafar in the auditorium today, wrapping up the final segment of the three-day event Technologic '08.
Dr. Usman Zafar is the regional IT Director for MENA & ASIA at IBM-IHB Australia who illumined the audience with strategies of e-government, accentuating the scenario of GCC countries in particular. He was also invited yesterday to evaluate students' projects exhibited at the event.

With this, the successful event Technologic '08 comes to an end with an anticipation to see a much higher dynamism in the annual event next academic year.

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