Thursday, April 17, 2008


The Biotrends-2008 seminar held today at the auditorium saw the dynamic changes and issues within the field being discussed between experts, faculty and students.

Dr. Ashfaq Konchwalla delivering his presentation on 'Chondrocyte Transplantation'.

Dr. Hoda Hassan Ghodar speaking on 'Establishing a Private Umbilical Cord Blood Facility in Dubai'.

Dr. Mohammad Naveed with an interesting presentation on the 'Prevention and Control of Genetic Disorders in UAE'.

Dr Mohammad A.M. Aly speaking on the 'Current Biotechnology Research at UAE University in the field of Plant & Animal Fields'.

Dr. Debayan Ghosh delivering the last speech on 'Enzyme Proteins modified to meet the challenges in Industrial Biotechnology'.

Each seminar was followed by an interactive round of question and answers and saw students ask some very interesting questions being volleyed to the lecturer. With biotechnology being a very vast field, students got a first hand look at the many aspects of the industry that they eventually will have to contend with. Judy Sebastian, a 2nd year student attending the seminar commented that the seminar was both innovative in terms of topics chosen and provided her with analytical insights into the industry.

The entire seminar went without a hitch and the organisers for the event - the 3rd year students - have to be appreciated for organising everything from the speakers to the wonderful lunch that they served for the guests later. A big hats off to them.

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