Friday, March 7, 2008

Yes, the media is all about sensationalism today!

Thrilled champions of the debate flaunt their trophies.
Left to Right: Miss Supriya, Miss Ayesha, Miss Pooja and Miss Disha. ~ Photograph by Fatima Husain

“Wild ones attack seaside – 97 arrested,” began the first speaker Supriya Dominica of Team A, a third year student of Media and Communications during the heated debate held at MAHE auditorium on Thursday, 6th March 2008.

Two teams of four students each were all geared up to air their views on the topic: Is media today all about sensationalism? Participants of Team A: Miss Supriya (3rd year Media and Communications), Miss Disha (1st year Media and Communications), Miss Pooja P. (2nd year Media and Communications) and Miss Ayesha (2nd year Media and Communications) battled out their opponents of Team B to substantiate that the media indeed is all about sensationalism today.

Speakers were allotted four minutes each to present their understanding for the topic with an addition to a rebuttal of two minutes at the end for the teams to refute anyone’s argument put forward during the debate.

The forum moderated by Ms. Shubha, a faculty of Media and Communications, was assessed by a panel of four judges: Dr. Srikrishna Pandey (HOD of IT department), Dr. Sudhakar (Professor of Management) and Mr. Ashok Iyer (HOD of ID department).

The best speaker award was prized to Miss Pooja P. from Team A and Mr. Ritesh Jeswani (1st year Media and Communications) from Team B.

“The debate was very challenging. We did attempt to put our points across but it is very obvious that media is all about sensationalism. What is true cannot be changed, isn’t it?”, said Ritesh from the defeated team but all jubilant for being awarded as one of the best speakers of the debate.

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