Sunday, March 16, 2008

Music from around the world comes to sing its tune at MAHE

The group song competition held last Thursday, the 13th of March saw the end of the month long, in-house cultural competitions taking place at the MAHE Dubai auditorium. The competition began with a performance by MAHE’s official band – Novocaine. A very hard act to follow, judging by the audience's reaction. The group song competition saw five groups of five members each who were judged on the basis of melody, harmony and presentation. Music is truly global and can definitely speak to people and this was clearly visible through the choice and selection of songs from gospel to fusion and from a qawwali to a remix. The competition was judged by Mr. Vishwesh Akre from the IT department, Ms. Seema Upadhyay from the Biotechnology department and Ms. Seena Biju from the Management department.

The 2nd place winners presented the very powerful “Pray for me Brother” by A.R. Rahman which is the UN anthem. The group also had a persuasive presentation that backed their song, creating feelings of charity among the audience. Members of the group included: Anandha, Deepa, Sabrina, Nancy and Asma.

Ms. Seema Updhyay presenting the 2nd place prize to Anandha, Nancy, Sabrina, Asma and Deepa. (Photo by Dasney Pereira)

However the judges preferred the qawwali bollywood song “Pardah hai Pardah” from the movie Amar, Akbar and Anthony performed by the group: Jasim, Mufaz, Naeem, Rahul and Imran and adjudged it worthy of the first prize.

Jasim, Naeem, Mufaz, Rahul and Imran - winners of the 1st prize of the group song competition. The group performed the qawwali number “Pardah hai Pardah” from the movie Amar, Akbar Anthony. (Photo by Dasney Pereira)

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