Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anil Kumble visits Manipal University - Dubai Campus

Dr. B. Ramjee, Director, Manipal University - Dubai Campus taking Anil Kumble on a tour of the Dubai Campus. Photograph by Fatima Husain.

Manipal University, Dubai Campus, over the years has progressed by leaps and bound and to add to its milestone events was the presence of one of the most sought after Indian cricketers, Anil Kumble, who is the brand ambassador for Manipal Education Group. The Indian Test Cricket Captain walked the corridors of the University on the 12th of March, 2008 accompanied by CEO of Manipal Education Group Anand Sudarshan and Dr. B. Ramjee, Director, Manipal University, Dubai Campus.

Dr. Ramjee addressing students gathered at the University Auditorium to welcome Anil Kumble stated that Anil Kumble flew down from India to formally promote some landmark decisions of the University in Dubai. He said Manipal University which was formerly known as MAHE in Dubai will now be known as Manipal University in Dubai. Anil Kumble announced plans for a new campus and the launch of full fledged engineering courses that will be offered by Manipal University, Dubai, beginning September 2008.

From the time Anil Kumble stepped foot on the grounds of the Manipal Dubai Campus, he was surrounded by students from all sides trying to get an autograph or a picture with the legend. Anil Kumble was taken on a tour of the 3 storey university. He began with the Fashion and Interior Design Department on the third floor. Flanked by University dignitaries, he ventured into each department spending a few minutes taking in the daily sights and sounds of education. Trailed by numerous shutterbugs and drooling fans he descended to the second floor where he was greeted by the faculty of the Media Department. He was led into labs where the students have churned out masterpieces and was given a glimpse of the potential of the Manipal students. The Business Management and Information Technology Departments showed him the equipped classes where the leaders of tomorrow are groomed and trained. On the first floor, Anil Kumble was shown the highly developed Bio Technology labs with the faculty explaining the latest research experiments the students were involved in.

Anil Kumble addressing an excited audience at the Manipal University - Dubai Campus auditorium. Photograph by Fatima Husain.

The last stop in his tour of the University was the auditorium which was set up for a presentation for the legendary cricketer. Entering to a wave of cheer, Anil Kumble took to the stage where he was honored by an Audio Visual presentation made by the students. Mrs. Uma Prasad, Student Services Officer, started the proceedings and invited the dignitaries to address the audience. Titling him as ‘Captain Courageous’, the MD and CEO of Manipal Education Group, Mr. Anand Sudarshan spoke of Anil Kumble as a persona ‘redefining dignity and grace’. As Anil Kumble took to the stage, his deep baritone echoing in the auditorium made the audience go wild. Thanking the audience for their affection and support this sportsman, who has acquired a degree in mechanical engineering spoke about his association with the organization and didn’t end without mentioning about his passion: cricket. “Having seeing this campus, I think Manipal University gives you the opportunity to chase your dreams,” he said adding that his association with Manipal University has been fantastic. He signed off boosting the crowd with a “Go ahead! Chase your dreams. Put in your 100% and Never say Die!”

Next on the agenda was a ceremony to felicitate students excelling in academics with plaques. Students representing the university in various sports disciplines were thrilled to get sports awards from none less than the sporting legend Anil Kumble. After the half an hour ceremony, he was whisked off for the production of a corporate advertisement for the University by the Department of Media and Communications.

Anil Kumble signing autographs for students of Manipal University - Dubai Campus. Photograph by Fatima Husain.

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