Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dressing up Newspapers in style!

At MAHE Dubai Campus, it is not just the students who do not cease to amaze, but there are some MAHE Dubai faculty who literally 'make the front page' of newspapers without much publicity. The MAHE Media Dubai Community Blog noticed that one of the popular weekly UAE newspapers 'XPRESS' celebrating its First Birthday (March 13, 2008), had a very unique cover which was of a model wearing a dress completely made of newspapers.

Little did many people in MAHE realize it was a creation by one of our own faculty members and a student from the Department of Fashion Technology behind this innovative design which graced the newspaper's front page for the XPRESS's special first year anniversary edition.

The Department of Fashion Technology was approached by the XPRESS team to dress up aspiring Lebanese model Lana Wehbe for a innovative front page cover design. A team consisting of Mr. Kailash Menon, Sr. Lecturer and Ms. Amrita Laxmi Rajgopalan, a student from the Fashion Department took up the challenge and designed a 'work of art' promptly named by the newspaper as the "XPRESS dress."

Congratulations to Mr. Kailash and and Ms. Amrita Laxmi Rajgopalan! The MAHE Dubai Community Blog hopes that they will showcase more of their designs at the University.

Click on the title to read and see more pictures of Mr. Kailash Menon creating the special "XPRESS dress" - Haut Spot: We are One, March 13, 2008.

Also read the XPRESS Editorial mentioning the concept behind the dress "Birthday confections."

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