Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SHOOFtv's competitions open to all

Point and Shoot.
That’s all they want you to do! This was the message for all the students from the Shooftv team that visited the MAHE Dubai Campus.

SHOOF, meaning "to see" in Arabic, aptly describes the function of this web interface channel. It has 100% user generated content and is part of the Arab Media Group in the UAE. SHOOFtv invites people from Asia and South Africa to post their personal videos and grab their opportunity to fame and fortune.

Providing a better insight on the website was Mariam Al Sarkal from SHOOFtv who communicated the advantages of being a 'Shoofer' and participating in the art of video making. The session began with an explanation of the organization. "It is related to you," she said adding that videos by amateurs were welcome.

One can easily upload any video they want to showcase to the world and in the process win amazing prizes. SHOOFtv gives anything between Dhs. 30000 to Dhs. 250000 as prizes for its regular competitions including daily cash prizes of $100 for the video that get the maximum hits in a single day. The website also provides tips from professionals to aid fresher’s on how to shoot quality videos.

Gaining phenomenal success on the Internet, SHOOFtv now plans to expand into the TV industry soon by creating a 100% user generated TV station.

SHOOFtv is promoting a new competition in its pipeline, the SHOOFtv Troops. It pits teams against one another to win mega prizes. With a team of 3-5 members, the group that earns the highest points in the challenges such as making mini videos stand a chance to win big. Groups can register at the SHOOFtv website.

The channel is also on the lookout for Junior Brand Ambassadors (JBAs) to help coordinate between the Troops and SHOOFtv. For more information and registration visit their website at www.shooftv.com

So dig out that handy cam and take a shot!

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